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Happy new year with news!


The year starts with a lot of news to Tama Battle!

I am preparing a lot of new sweet features and the launch to two new platforms!

You can learn more here. While also seeing the new website features, forums and account registration!

The biggest patch to date will be coming this month, keep tunned!

Server Maintenance Concluded


The issue has been fixed.

The Game Server is back up and running!

Emergency Server Maintenance Started


I am investigating an issue with the game server that is preventing everyone from logging in or playing.

The Game Server will be down until I fix this issue, and will be notified throught this site.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas has just started and I'd love to wish you all a happy christmas!

The game has also been updated with a snow storm!

Welcome to the provisional Site!


As the title says, welcome to the provisional site for Tama Battle!

This site is just for the purpose of informing some way of what's happening, and start bringing the community together.


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Server Status

The server is up & running.


You can contact me by sending an email at

This email will take any request (Bug reports, Support, Press...).

A devMidgard Game

Initial idea developed for #LDJAM 34th